The Best Things To Do In Italy

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than packing up your luggage and heading to the airport. Traveling the world is on the bucket list of most people and Italy is definitely one of those countries that you absolutely must visit. There is so much to see and do that it can be quite overwhelming. So, this article will cover some of the best sights and activities that you should check out if you’re planning a vacation to Italy.

Taking a ride on the Vaporetto in Venice is one of the must-do activities, especially if you’re traveling with a loved one. Of course, there are the famous gondola rides but these aren’t as romantic and are quite expensive. A vaporetto ride will allow you to glide along the river and view all of the sights that Venice has to offer. This is best done with a serving of gelato and a loved one to cuddle with.

Next, if you’re an art lover, then you definitely need to see Leonardo’s masterpiece, “The Last Supper.” In order to see this world famous painting, you will need to book your tickets in advance and there is a strict 15 minute viewing period that is enforced.

However, this is definitely a piece that is worth the effort and is a must-see for art and history lovers alike. Definitely get a luxury car rental in Rome first, though.

If you’re more of a gastronomic enthusiast, then you need to eat pizza in Naples. This is where pizza was invented and there are many amazing pizza joints where you will certainly enjoy the best tasting pizza you’ve ever experienced. Be sure to also sample the various pasta dishes and other authentic Italian cuisine.

It is better to dine in smaller and lesser known establishments where the locals eat. Well known hotel and restaurant chains tend to alter their menus to suit the tastes of international tourists, so you won’t get the most authentic Italian food if you eat there.

Visiting the beaches is another must-do activity on any list. The beaches of Sardinia are world re-known and Costa Smeralda has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

These beaches are also less populated by tourists and more frequented by the locals, which makes it one of the best spots to check out.

Next, another activity that you should enjoy is an opera in Verona. There is nothing like sitting in a Roman amphitheatre and is quite the experience on its own. Verona’s opera company is well known and would provide quite the visual and auditory treat.

Lastly, if you’re a daredevil at heart, then you need to drive or be driven along the Amalfi coast. This is quite a precarious and dangerous drive but the scenes are more than worth it.

In closing, if you’re thinking about visiting Italy, then be sure to do at least a couple of the above activities. You should take advantage of your time and plan as many activities possible so that you can see and experience all that this amazing country has to offer.

Things That You Must Not Forget To Pack While Planning A Vacation

People often plan vacations with their family and friends. There are some who love to head out on the quest of discovering a new place on their own. But whatever the case may be, packing the bag for the trip is a crucial task. Many people make mistakes in this department. Here, you will get a list of things that you must not forget.

The passport, visa and the tickets

If you are traveling to another country, make sure that you have your passport and visa ready. These will not only grant you the permission to enter the country but will also authenticate your identity claim if any accident happens. Make sure that you do not leave home without the tickets as well.

Medicines that you might require

Medicines will come in handy during the trip. Make a list of generic drugs and also carry a small first aid kit that will save the day if you have an accident. Taking medicines is a must if you are traveling to a place that does not have proper facilities.

Keep only necessary clothes that suit the climate

Get a weather update of the place you are visiting. Carry clothes, which will protect you from the elements of nature properly. Carrying woolens is a must if you are traveling to a cold place while taking waterproof jackets is essential for tropical or subtropical areas. It is better to travel light as you will have to carry your luggage.

These three tips are the basics, and if you want an in-depth knowledge, then you will get many articles on the internet on this topic.